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As a pioneering company in its field and the first to widely introduce the use of self-ordering devices, Biborne continuously innovates its products to adapt to evolving demands and the constantly changing requirements of restaurants.

Yasser Ben Moussa

CEO of Biborne

Votre expert en borne de commande

“Pionnière dans son domaine, en étant les premiers à démocratiser les bornes, Biborne ne cesse d’affiner ses produits pour répondre à l’évolution de la demande et aux exigences en constante évolution des restaurants”
Yasser Ben Moussa
CEO de Biborne

Welcome to Biborne, where innovation meets catering to redefine the culinary experience. Founded on the belief that technology can transform the way we interact with food, Biborne is committed to providing innovative solutions for foodservice establishments.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to revolutionize the way restaurants interact with their customers. We strive to create seamless ordering experiences, improve operational efficiency, and enhance restaurant growth through our technology in self-ordering devices and call screens.

Innovation is at the Core of Our Identity:

What sets Biborne apart is its constant commitment to innovation. We believe that every meal experience should be extremely smooth, both for customers and restaurant staff. Self-ordering devices and call screens are designed to facilitate the ordering process, remove any obstacles, and enhance a complete customer satisfaction atmosphere.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction:

At Biborne, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We endeavor to exceed their expectations by providing solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and offer a luxurious and unique dining experience.

Why Biborne?

Our devices surpass being mere tools; they are pathways to exceptional experiences. With Biborne, we offer you more than just a technical solution; we offer you a revolution in order management.

Our Aspirations:

We dream of a world where dining goes beyond mere consumption – a world where every meal becomes an unforgettable experience. Our vision is to transform restaurants into dynamic spaces, where technology and operational efficiency converge to create moments of unique culinary pleasure. We believe that every interaction with food should be an adventure, and this belief guides our continuous innovation at Biborne.

Join the Biborne Revolution:

By choosing Biborne, you are advocating for the future of the food industry. Join us on our journey to deliver exceptional dining experiences, where innovation and customer satisfaction are at the heart of every interaction. Welcome to the future of restaurant ordering. Welcome to the world of Biborne.