We present to you the call screen Clever, space-saving dining innovation

Call Screens

1- Characteristics:
Clear Digital Presentation:
  • Each order number is presented visibly for quick identification.
Real-Time Updating:
  • Information is refreshed as soon as the meals are prepared, ensuring instant communication.
Enhancing Staff Performance:
  • Improving employee efficiency and productivity by freeing up their time from order delivery to customers, enabling them to focus on other tasks.
Boosting Customer Experience :
  • Improving the customer’s journey by minimizing wait times through immediate notification upon order preparation, using unique phrases to elevate their experience.
2- Call screens Activation Process:
How to activate the call screen in your restaurant?
Reach out to us to place your order.
Providing Backgrounds:
Provide the preferred backgrounds for installation on the specified device, ensuring measurements are respected.
Set up the required call screen and install it in your restaurant.

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