Explore the future of ordering with the Kabir kiosk

An efficiency giant designed to revolutionize your dining experience. Choose size, optimize space and offer an unparalleled experience to your customers with this cutting-edge innovation!

Kabir's Kiosk

The Kabir kiosk is an interactive and elegant ordering solution designed to meet the specific needs of restaurants. With its 32-inch touchscreen, it provides an intuitive user interface for quick and effortless ordering. The Kabir ordering kiosk transforms the customer experience while improving operational efficiency in your establishment.

Characteristics :
32-Inch Touch Screen :
  • Spacious and intuitive interface for easy navigation. 
  • High resolution for clear menu display.
Available in 3 versions :
  • Choose the ‘single-sided version’ for a discreet and compact solution. 
  • Opt for the ‘double-sided version’ for maximum visibility from both sides.
  • Finally, if floor space is limited, the wall-mounted version offers a convenient and elegant alternative.
Seamless Integration :
  • Easy connectivity with existing POS systems for smooth order management. 
  • Customization options to suit the specific needs of your restaurant.
Modern and Robust Design:
  • Durable construction is suitable for the demanding restaurant environment. 
  • Modern design that seamlessly integrates with your establishment’s aesthetic.
Versatile Payment Options:
Integration of various electronic payment methods for added flexibility.
Use in Standby Mode:
  • To showcase your products. 
  • To display your promotional videos. 
  • To communicate your offers.
Intelligent Order Management:
  • Real-time tracking of orders for efficient kitchen coordination.
  • Reduction of order errors through an intuitive interface.

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