Adopt operational perfection with the Middle kiosk

The perfect balance between size and functionality. Maximize your efficiency while saving space, providing your customers with an exceptional experience. Opt for innovation, opt for the Middle kiosk!

Middle kiosk

The Middle 21-inch kiosk is a compatible ordering solution, ideal for spaces where space is limited. With its 21-inch touchscreen, it provides an efficient user experience while maintaining a discreet design. The Middle kiosk offers quick and simplified ordering to meet the needs of restaurants looking for compact solutions.

Characteristics :
21-Inch Touch Screen:
  • Intuitive user interface suitable for limited spaces.
  • Optimal resolution for clear menu display.
Compact Design:
  • Reduced size for easy installation in limited spaces.
Versatile Connectivity:
  • Seamless integration with existing POS systems.
  • Customization options to meet the specific needs of your restaurant.
Standby Mode Utilization:
  • To highlight your products.
  • To display your promotional videos.
  • To communicate your offers.
Versatile Payment Options:
  • Integration of various electronic payment methods for added flexibility.
Intelligent Order Management:
  • Real-time order tracking for efficient kitchen coordination.
  • Reduction of order errors through an intuitive interface.

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