Immerse yourself in excellence with the Saghir’s kiosk

A compact solution that redefines space in catering. Combine power with compactness and ensure the satisfaction of your customers with this technological marvel!

Saghir’s kiosk

The Saghir kiosk, available in 21-inch and 15-inch sizes, is a versatile solution, perfect for small and limited spaces. With its touchscreen, it provides an efficient customer experience by quickly registering orders and enhances operational efficiency in your restaurant.

Characteristics :
21-Inch Touch Screen:
  • Intuitive user interface suitable for limited spaces.
  • Optimal resolution for clear menu display.
Compact Design:
  • Reduced size for easy installation in limited spaces.
Versatile Connectivity:
  • Seamless integration with existing POS systems.
  • Customization options to meet the specific needs of your restaurant.
Standby Mode Utilization:
  • To highlight your products.
  • To display your promotional videos.
  • To communicate your offers.
Versatile Payment Options:
  • Integration of various electronic payment methods for added flexibility.
Intelligent Order Management:
  • Real-time order tracking for efficient kitchen coordination.
  • Reduction of order errors through an intuitive interface.

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