What we are about

Biborne offers an innovative solution to boost your productivity and revenue quickly. With our ordering kiosk, customers can place orders in seconds, eliminating long queues. They can freely select meals and make payments at the kiosk, no need to visit the counter.


Reduced order errors

Self-checkout kiosks can help minimize order errors, as customers can review and modify their orders before submitting them.

Reduced waiting times

Customers can quickly and easily place orders at the selfcheckout kiosk, which helps reduce waiting times at traditional checkouts.</div>

Ability to handle peak activity

Self-checkout kiosks can help manage peak activity during rush hours by distributing orders between kiosks and checkout employees, which can reduce waiting times for customers.

Customization of orders

Customers can customize their orders according to their preferences, by adding or removing ingredients or side dishes. This allows for greater flexibility in menu choices.

Our Mission

Helping fast-food owners scale-up their business, optimize its work-flow, and operate it as a manufacturing line


Focus on food, and we take care of tech

Our Vision

Become a food-tech and service provider, helping owners worldwide on a daily-basis.